So I’m making a small WPF game, which you can find here by the way ✨, and I come across a confusing and infuriating issue. WPF has two built-in audio players: SoundPlayer and MediaPlayer.

  • SoundPlayer: Can play audio files that are embedded resources in the application, however, this can only play one sound at once.
  • MediaPlayer: Cannot play audio files that are embedded resources in the application, however, this can play multiple sounds at once.

I you can see the issue I was having. I wanted to play some background music in my game as well as some sound…

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a neat custom button I created in XAML for a WPF program. I wanted a toggle button that looked very similar to the iOS toggle button but either couldn’t find any online or didn’t want to steal someone else's code.

I wanted this to be a learning experience rather than another step into tutorial hell.

I also wanted a button that could be resized to any dimension and still look correct 🤞

This is the XAML I used to create the button:

iOS Style Toggle Button Code

Finally, here is a GIF of the button 🥳

Thank you for reading! Any questions, let me know 👍

Hi All!

Today, I’ll be showing a brief overview of how I migrated some Azure VMs to an on-premise HyperV and VMware server. This is done in stages and for me, required HyperV as a middle man before moving to VMware.

First, log in to your Azure portal and find the VM that you want to migrate. Open the settings for the VM and go into the ‘Disks’

Click on the blue text that shows the VM disk name. This should open the settings for the VM disk. Head to the ‘Disk Export‘ tab and generate a new URL to…

Hi Everyone,

I hope COVID restrictions are starting to ease for you all. Still, don’t want to let your guard down too much, ey! Better safe than sorry.

In this post, I’m showing a simple way to send HTML emails from PowerShell. This includes sending emails that contain local images instead of hosting them on a separate website. I might have done this in the past, but I want to just throw this out there again. Lets hop in!

First of all, HTML shows different on EVERY SINGLE DEVICE. Outlook is particularly bad, completely ignoring the head that might contain…

Hi Everyone,

So the other day, I found a much easier way to generate secure passwords in PowerShell. Before this, we had to have a list of all the available characters and put them into a CharArray, or ping an internet service like

Not anymore!

From now on, whenever I need to generate a password in PowerShell, I will be using the:


Function from the [System.Web.Security.Membership] namespace. What this allows you to do, is generate a string of a specified length, with a specified amount of alphanumerical characters.

So if I wanted a password that was 10 characters…

Hi Everyone! Very long time without any content 😢 This year, as you can probably imagine, was very hectic. Something had to give, and unfortunately, it was this creative outlet that lost out. Let’s jump straight into something completely different!

I’ve been learning Flutter and mobile development, which has been very exciting! Today, I wanted to share with you a little example of a timer app built using Flutter with RxDart as a state management solution. Basically, that means not using the standard setState command in the Stateful Widget.

To kick things off, you’ll want to add the latest version…

Hi Everyone,

In another short post today, here I modified the code for my iOS style toggle button so that it more resembled the Material Design toggle button. I thought of this whilst literally toggling the YouTube play button and thinking, ‘wow, this button looks cool’. Exciting times, eh?

Here is my code:

And finally, here is a little GIF of the toggle button:

Enjoy! 🎉

I found that I could use classes in PowerShell similar to how I use them in C#. I instantly wanted to play with this and I thought I would share this as well.

To create a class in PowerShell, it’s as simple as:

class PersonClass{ 

It does feel weird not adding the commas between each property of the class though 🤔

This allows a ‘Person’ to be created that has the attribute of a name and an age. Simple stuff.

Let's say I wanted to create a list of people. This would mean creating a new list…

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