How To Check For WDDM Drivers In Windows

Mark Harwood
4 min readMar 28, 2024

This post will revolve around WDDM drivers and How To Check For WDDM Drivers In Windows.

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If you don’t know what a WDDM driver is, then let me explain. This is a Windows Display Driver Model, which is a graphics driver architecture first introduced in Windows Vista. If you remember Windows Vista, I’m sorry. That’s all I can say.

WDDM became a requirement starting from the release of Windows 8.

What Is WDDM?

WDDM provides the functionality needed for your Windows system to actually render the OS and applications to the screen. It’s an old standard by todays standards, requiring a minimal of a Direct3D 9 capable graphics card.

How To Check For WDDM Drivers In Windows

Thankfully, it’s super easy to find the version of WDDM you have installed on your system. Follow the below steps to do this:

1) Open the Windows run dialog using: Win+R
2) In the run dialog, run: dxdiag
3) After a short wait, you should get the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window
4) Open the Display 1 or Display 2 tab
5) Find the Driver Model value in the Drivers section



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