How To Factory Reset Windows 10

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4 min readFeb 8, 2024

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Today, we’ll dive into How To Factory Reset Windows 10, I’ll include a couple different methods as well as important aspects to look out for before starting.

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There are a ton of different reasons for wanting to factory reset your Windows 10 computer. For me, the most common reasons are:

Slow Computer

If you’ve noticed that your computer is running slower than it used to, this is likely down to the age of your Windows 10 installation. Overtime, your install can become bloated with old update information and temporary files, just to name a few.

The best way to get around you computer slowing down, is to just run a fresh install of Windows 10.

Buggy Computer

This one is definitely more noticeable if you use your system heavily or if you’re a power user. Say you are installing beta updates of Windows or another piece of software, that could cause your system to become more unstable. Resulting in more bluescreens of death of BSOD, making the user experience of your system terrible.


The final common reason for me is that the system is used for testing purposes. This means I will need to reset the system often in order to run tests or diagnose issues found with software. It’s also useful to install software over and over again so that it becomes second nature to you.


It’s important to note, that with some of the reset methods below, you could lose your personal data and applications. Meaning years of family photos or documents could be wiped out in seconds. Whilst there are methods to retrieve this information after the fact, it’s far safer and easier to just run a backup of your system or the items you don’t want to lose. And make sure that the backup is stored off the machine you want to factory reset.

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