How To Open The BIOS In Windows 11–5 Methods

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4 min readFeb 7, 2024

Hi All!

So recently, I wanted a faster way to access the BIOS whilst using Windows 11. I’ve been using the typical method of reboot the machine and mashing the keyboard because I always forget which key to actually press.

This is far from ideal, especially if I miss the button and have to keep rebooting…

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So I wanted to create a short post around this topic — How to open the BIOS in Windows 11. Plus, you get 5 methods!

Useful Terms

  • Windows 11 — This is an operating system developed by Microsoft and is widely used around the globe. As of January 2024, it was responsible for roughly 28th% of all operating system installs worldwide.
  • BIOS — This term is an acronym for Basic Input/Basic Output and is essential for any computer system. This is the firmware that is responsible for initialising and controlling hardware components.


Accessing the BIOS could be done for many reasons, but the most common is troubleshooting. Sometimes, it’s really useful or necessary to access the BIOS when diagnosing an issue.

It’s also useful when installing new hardware as you can check the system recognises the new component(s) before booting into Windows 11 and potentially giving you the dreaded bluescreen of death, or BSOD!

How To Open The BIOS In Windows 11

1 — On Computer Start-Up

Okay, so this first open isn’t really from ‘inside’ Windows 11, and I’ve already stated how I don’t like using this version. But sometimes it is unavoidable!

Since the BIOS menu is often the first thing a computer system displays when booting up, if you’re fast enough you can use this method to reliably enter the BIOS menu every time the system starts up.

Typically, you will have to use one of the following keys to enter the BIOS:

F1, F2, F12, DEL

Again, this can vary greatly depending on the manufacturing of your motherboard or base system.



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