How To Recall An Email In Outlook [2024]

Mark Harwood
5 min readMar 13, 2024

Morning everyone!

Lets jump into how to recall an email in Outlook. Super useful is you sent an email too early and want to unsend it.

I’ve also written this post on my website, in case you prefer reading over there!


I hear you, you’ve sent an email and then realised you forgot to actually attach the file. Or you noticed a bunch of grammatical errors right after you hit the send button, how convenient!

You’re in luck, there is a way to recall the email so that you can fix it and then resend once you’re ready.


Their are some limitations for recalling email, I’ve listed these below but they mainly revolve around using the same Microsoft technology. So if you’re emailing someone that doesn’t use Microsoft Exchange, you’ll not be able to recall an email in Outlook.

  • Both the sender and recipient must be in the same organisation
  • Both the sender and recipient must be using Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange
  • If the recipient has read the email — it cannot be recalled
  • The recipient will receive a notification of the recall
  • Recalls only work on the desktop version…



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