What Is Windows 11 S Mode

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TLDR: Okay, before we jump in, if you merely wanted to know what S mode is at the surface level, it simple gives you a more secure system.

Okay so now we have that information out the way, let’s dive in a big further!

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What Is Windows 11 S Mode?

Windows S mode puts your system into a complete lockdown. Once S mode has been activated, you can enjoy the highest level of security from Microsoft and the Windows operating system.

When this feature is enabled, Windows will create a smoother and safer experience for the user. It does this by only allowing basic access to resources and drivers. Along with this, S mode freezes all other apps that might take up a lot of RAM and CPU resources. All of this comes together to create a much smoother user experience, akin to something like a Chromebook.

Why Should I Use S Mode?

This of course, depends entirely on the setting and user of the system. Lets run through some common cases below:

Child Safety

Since S mode restricts which applications can be run on the system. Limiting installs to only those available on the Microsoft Store, this greatly increases the safety of the system as children can’t accidently install malicious software.

Only Microsoft Edge can be used, this again limits the ‘footprint’ of the system to help prevent vulnerabilities. Since only Microsoft Edge can be used, Microsoft has increased the security parameters whilst ran in S mode. Increasing the amount of sites that won’t be accessible due to insecure ratings.

This can be an area for controversy however, since you could just purchase a regular system and then enable S mode, instead of buying a system with S mode activated out the box. This would allow S mode to be disabled as the needs of the user change.

So at the end of the day, it might be better to use a regular system with parental controls. Especially, since the S mode can be quite easily bypassed.

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