My First 1000 Reads On Medium — And What I Earned

Mark Harwood
4 min readMar 1, 2024

So it finally happened, after posting more consistently on Medium about the topics I’m engaged with, I finally had the first month where I achieved my first 1000 reads on Medium.

This also netted me 560 reads, generating me some income which I will discuss later in the post.

Before I get started, I also put this post on my website!


As mentioned above, in February of 2024, I hit the first month on Medium where I had over 1,000 people view my article. This was really exciting for me, I’d been putting in more effort on Medium to see what potential it could hold.

Throughout February, I’d written at total of 15 posts. Ranging from: How To Take Screenshots On Windows 11–5 Methods; What Is Windows 11 S Mode; and How To Export Chrome Bookmarks [2024].

At the start of February, I had also written a post about doubling my Medium reads, but also mentioned that this didn’t double the income that was generated. You can read that post on my website or on Medium.

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